Placaso is a Chicano slang term for Tattoo. Placaso LLC teamed up with a well-known cosmetic company with over 20 years of experience in the development and distribution of therapeutic skin care products. After more than a year of research and testing, we are proud to announce the launch of the first Tattoo aftercare product that meets all these requirements, i.e. a natural 100% Vegan cream and CE certified so that it can be used, recommended and sold in tattoo shops.

No petroleum (no Vaseline) or harsh artificial ingredients used, no scent added, just premium all-natural healing goodness.

We are so sure you will love our Tattoo Aftercare that we have backed it up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Instructions for maintaining your new tattoo

  • Clean Tattoo with mild soap and water and gently pat dry
  • Gently apply a thin layer of Placaso Tattoo Aftercare all over your tattoo
  • If irritations occur, discontinue use.

Your tattoo will now start to scab and flake which will cause it to itch. Use the Placaso’s tattoo aftercare to help keep your new tattoo from drying out and help with the itch. Keep applying as needed until your tattoo is free of scabs and healed.

While your tattoo is healing there are a few things you will need to avoid. The risk of infection is high due to it being an open wound so we need to treat it with caution. Most heal within 2 weeks, but the time may vary based on placement and the individual. In the meantime, avoid the following.

  • No pools or hot tubs.
  • No tanning or saunas.
  • No baths or swimming in lakes.
  • Keep out of the sun.
  • No picking or scratching.

Try and keep your tattoo as clean as possible and use common sense. If it doesn’t seem right then it probably isn’t. We are here to answer any and all questions regarding your tattoo so please don’t hesitate to visit our FAQ and our tattoo aftercare blog for more great tips.

If your tattoo starts to show sign of infection, consult a Health Care Professional.