The Stages of Tattoo Aftercare

Getting a new tattoo can be an exciting experience for many. Whether it’s your first time getting inked or the twenty first, you’ll still have to follow some important tattoo aftercare steps. This will ensure that your tattoo heals right so it looks as good as the design you had in mind.

The First Few Days

The healing process for the new tattoos needs to be closely monitored. Following your inking session, the tattoo artist will typically wrap your new tattoo in a bandage. They will instruct you to remove it after a specified amount of time. This can be anywhere from 2 to 24 hours depending on the body part that’s getting inked.

Following the removal of your bandage you may notice some fluid oozing from your tattoo, as well as redness on the skin surrounding it. It is recommended that you wash the tattoo with a fragrance-free mild soap and warm water. Avoid using a sponge or loofah for this purpose as it could damage the raw skin and your tattoo. Pat your skin dry using a towel or paper towel.

You should then try to keep your tattoo and the surrounding region moisturized using a natural tattoo aftercare product such as Placaso Tattoo Aftercare. Moisturize as needed, or up to three times day if you’re using a petroleum-based moisturizer. You should apply a very thin layer of it as opposed to coating the entire surface.

Repeat this routine every few hours when you feel the skin has become dry. Continue with this process until the second week.

The Second Week

By the second week the swelling should have mostly subsided. However, some scabs may now exist on the surface, and some parts of your skin will begin to peel. It is recommended that you do not scratch your skin or pick at it during this stage.

You could gently press down on the area if the itching becomes unbearable, or apply some more moisturizer. Any scabs should fall off on their own after two weeks.

Third Week and After

By the third week most of the scabs should be gone and your skin should be forming new layers that give it with a shiny waxy appearance. Your tattoo may look a bit faded at this point. However, it should look fine and fresh again in a few days. You should take care to moisturize twice a day at this stage.

Your skin should look healthy and close to normal by the fourth week.

Long Term Care

Moisturize your tattoo once a day to keep it looking fresh. Avoid exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight and remember to use sunscreen of SPF 50 or higher, but only once the skin has fully healed (usually six weeks).

Now that the hard part’s over, it’s time to show off your new ink! Check out more aftercare products to keep your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant check out our Tattoo Aftercare