Tattoo Aftercare: How Often Should You Be Moisturizing?

Tattoo Aftercare: How Often Should You Be Moisturizing

One of the most important things you should be doing to take care of a new tattoo is moisturizing it and the skin around it. Your skin needs hydration in order to repair itself, and you should be assisting it during this process.

In addition to taking longer to heal, forgetting to moisturize your tattoo could make your skin itchy, and prone to scabbing. Skin that is recovering from tattoo work is also prone to being infected if left exposed. It’s best to apply a layer of tattoo aftercare cream such as Tattoo Aftercare by Placaso to maintain a layer of protection between your raw skin and the air around it.

How Often Should I Be Moisturizing a New Tattoo?

In the first week following your tattoo session, you should be moisturizing your tattoo multiple times a day if using a natural aftercare product. You can even moisturize it up to three times a day if you’re using a petroleum-based moisturizer.

You should aim to apply an amount that your skin can absorb easily without excessive quantities of product accumulating on the surface.

By the second week you should be moisturizing as needed. If your skin feels dry and itchy, it’s time to moisturize. Your skin may be peeling and scabbing at this stage, so avoid scratching the skin as you’re applying your moisturizer.

 In the third week you should moisturize it twice a day. Your skin should be forming new layers and may have a shiny waxy appearance to it at this stage.

By the fourth week your tattoo has likely finished healing. You should aim to moisturize at least once a day from now on to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

Can I Use Sunscreen to Moisturize?

You should avoid using sunscreen during the healing process. Sunscreen can irritate your skin and potentially damage your tattoo during the healing process. Your tattoo artist has likely recommended that you to avoid exposing your new tattoo to direct sunlight, so you shouldn’t be putting yourself in situations where you would need to use sunscreen in the first place.

Moisturizing With Water

You should also avoid submerging your tattoo in water as a way of moisturizing the skin. Water contains all sorts of bacteria that could make their way into your still-healing skin, and cause a nasty infection.

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