Can You Shower After Getting a New Tattoo?

If you’ve just gotten a new tattoo, there are some activities you should avoid doing during the healing process to ensure your skin heals right and your tattoo looks its best. One activity that is difficult to avoid is showering.

You should generally avoid submerging your tattoo in water, as any bacteria in the water could make their way into your still-healing skin and cause a nasty infection.

Following your tattoo session, your tattoo may still be covered with bandages. Your tattoo artist probably recommended that you leave your bandages on for anywhere between 2 hours and 12 hours following your inking session. Once those bandages have been removed, it’s time for you to rinse your skin for the first time.

Showering With Your New Tattoo

The first wash following a tattoo session is crucial, and should be conducted with care. Remember to wash your tattoo using lukewarm water and a mild fragrance-free soap to wash off any fluid or nasty stuff oozing from the tattoo area.

Avoid using hot water as that can damage your raw skin, in addition to being extremely painful. Hot water could also open up your pores and remove ink from your tattoo, resulting in it looking patchy or faded. You should also avoid using a scrubbing sponge or a washcloth as they could damage your skin.

While washing your tattoo in the shower, you should also avoid spraying water on it directly from the shower head. Instead cup some water in the palm of your hand and gently apply it to your tattoo region.

You should aim to shower as quickly as possible while still aiming to get your tattoo region cleaned properly. Exposing your skin to water, steam, or soap for prolonged periods of time can irritate your still-sensitive skin and lead to issues.

Drying Off Your Tattoo

Following your first shower, you should avoid drying your tattoo with a regular towel as it may contain bacteria. Instead you should allow your tattoo to dry on its own, or if you’d like to use something to dry it off, you could use a clean paper towel. Be sure to lightly pat it dry and avoid rubbing the exposed region.

Applying Aftercare Products

Once your tattoo region has dried, you should apply a thin layer of tattoo after product such as Tattos Aftercare by Placaso using clean hands. Repeat the moisturizing process as needed, remembering to use only as much product as required to keep the skin moist.

The showering process should get much easier as the skin around your tattoo continues to heal. Just remember to avoid exposing it to situations where bacteria could get onto the skin.

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